Cooling Services

Keeping your home or office air clean, cool and consistent is a complicated task. We do it correctly the first time so the life your system is extended, your efficiency is maximized, and ultimately your cooling needs are met.

Staying on top of the ever-changing technology landscape enables us to guarantee best-in-class service.

Climate Guys are as good as they come...

Improved energy efficiency
Fewer insects and parasites
Integrated smart thermostats
Reduction in seasonal repair
Assistance in planning
Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your system is the key to maximizing your savings...

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Related FAQs

How can I control energy costs?

The single best way to control costs is by having an up-to-date system and by maintaining it well over the course of its use. Our modern systems are getting more efficient every year, and new thermostats are enabling tighter control over furnace use than ever before.

In addition to these intelligent updates, we'll frequently zone your home for the ideal heating arrangement and schedule maintenance calls ahead of time. This way you can rest assured from start to finish.

Why is ventilation important for indoor air quality?

We work to seal our homes from pests and air, but we're left stuck inside with contaminants and pollution having nowhere to go. This means that home-owners and office workers can find themselves with everyday headaches and stale air.

Consistent, tight ventilation assures that your air is clean, fresh, and odor-free.

What size heating and air conditioning system do I need?

Not too big, not too small. If it's too large, your home or office may heat and cool more quickly, but damage can be done to your equipment. The correctly sized system will maximize the benefits to the structure and also extend the life of the system itself.

We will determine the best fit for your needs on-site. This way we can check your walls, insulation, windows and more while making calculations.