Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your system is the key to maximizing your savings. With so much air being pumped through, your filters, vents, ducts and coils will all need to be cared for. There are simply too many pollutants in the natural air.

The stress of hard work - on and off all Winter - will also lead to a decay of the system's parts and require servicing.

A big thank you to Climate Guys for getting our AC going after the mouse family moved in again...

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Related FAQs

What do you recommend: Gas, Electric, or Oil?

Natural Gas / Propane systems are our most popular and the best pick on most cases. Clean-burning and widely-available, these systems will heat your home quickly and safely. This is our recommended option.

Oil systems can be preferred due to their obvious malfunctions (reduced carbon monoxide risk) and speed of heating, but are less common and more expensive than other solutions.

Electric systems (and Heat Pumps) will take heat from the ground and the outside air, multiply it, and output it a very high efficiency.

Should I have my equipment serviced?

This all depends on the age of your system and the time since your last check-up. Even with careful maintenance, time is the deciding factor when considering service. The air filter, coils, and pumps can all be affected by wear and tear, while the system itself can fall victim to serious degradation. In serious scenarios, carbon monoxide may be a concern.

If it's been more than a year, we recommend getting your equipment serviced. Hopefully, your system is fully-functional, and we can come back in another year!

How often should I replace my air filter?

Check your filters on a monthly basis, or at least once a season. If your filter is disposable, go ahead and replace it right away. Many filters are permanent and re-usable, so you should clean them regularly before replacing them.

If your filter is dirty, simply pull it out and wash it thoroughly with water. Bring it outside with a hose, clean both sides carefully, and let it air dry. When re-installing the filter, make sure that it goes in the correct direction.