Bryant ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

Bryant ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat.

Designed for Smarter Savings and Control

The ecobee for Bryant ecobee3 lite smart thermostat is a stylish and savvy choice when adding a smart thermostat to your home. Pair your smart thermostat with InteliSense-enabled Preferred™ Series equipment, opt-in to data sharing, and enjoy the benefits of connected comfort. InteliSense technology gives your dealer the ability to remotely view the operational health of your system and use digital tools to provide more efficient customer service and remotely troubleshoot your system.

The ecobee 3 lite tailors itself to your schedule, your personal comfort preferences and the weather outside. It can also provide details on savings each month and insight into your heating and cooling equipment performance.

  • Wi-Fi® Remote Access: Available
  • Humidity Control: Not Available
  • Zoning: Zoning Panel Compatible
  • Home Automation Compatible: Available
  • Evolution System Compatible: Not Compatible
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified: Yes
  • Remote Connectivity: ecobee app
  • Smart Home Compatible: Apple HomeKit +more integration
  • Remote Sensors: Compatible with SmartSensor
  • Alexa® Built-in: No
  • Voice Control: No
  • Initial Cost: $$
  • Stream Music: No
  • Hands-free Calling: No


  • Allows for critical equipment performance data to be gathered and shared with your dealer who can reassure you that your system is running properly. Simply grant permissions for data sharing and watch an improved customer experience come to life.
  • Save up to 23% on heating and cooling costs.
  • Control from anywhere with your iOS® or Android® devices.
  • Compatible with your smart home. Works seamlessly with third-party smart home platforms such as Apple® HomeKit®, Amazon Alexa, Google® Assistant, Samsung® SmartThings® and IFTTT®.
  • Comfort Schedules: Set schedules to enjoy comfort while you are home, and assist with energy savings while you are away.
  • Smart Recovery: Using current weather conditions and scheduled temperature settings, the ecobee thermostats learn the best way to bring the home to its scheduled temperature.

Optional Features

  • Can be paired with SmartSensors™ (sold separately) around your home for greater occupancy monitoring and room-specific temperature adjustments.
  • Additional energy savings with eco+. Optional software feature, works in the background to help with additional energy savings and efficiency.


Efficiency Management 

  • Energy Star® Energy Star qualified for local utility company rebates (where available)
  • Smart Recovery  Intelligently adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency, while still meeting your ideal comfort levels
  • Programmability  Create weekly schedule and includes vacation mode
  • Hybrid Heat® system capable  Allows Bryant® gas furnace/heat pump system combinations for best heating efficiencies


  • Remote access  Use free Apple® and Android™ apps for smartphone, a tablet or computer to control and program the thermostat  from anywhere 


  • Conventional (2H/2C)—Gas, oil, electric.
  • Air-Cooled & Geo-Thermal Heat pumps (2 stage heat pump + 2 stage aux heat/2 cool) (4H/2C).
  • Dual-Fuel support.
  • Boiler (2-stage-heating).


  • 3.5″ full-color touch screen
  • 320 x 480 pixel display

Powering Methods

  • Wired 24VAC through terminals C and Rc.
  • Power Extender Kit enables you to reliably power your thermostat without having to run a fifth wire

Product Dimensions

  • Thermostat
    • Height: 102.9 mm (4 in.)
    • Width: 102.9 mm (4 in.)
    • Depth: 21.4 mm (0.85 in.)
  • Trim Plate
    • Height: 170 mm (6.7 in.)
    • Width: 170 mm (6.7 in.)
    • Depth: 6.25 mm (0.25 in.)