Bryant HUMCRWBP Humidifier

Bryant HUMCRWBP Humidifier.

Preserve Your Comfort While Conserving Water

This water-saver model is 100% efficient with its ability to convert water into comfort-enhancing relief from dry, heated indoor air. It’s a value-add to your heating system as well, relying on the furnace or fan coil blower to deliver moisture vapor throughout your home. With the ability to deliver up to 17 gallons of moisture a day, it helps provide whole-home comfort by reducing the effects of dryness including static, sore throats, dry skin and sinuses.

  • Water Vapor Output: 17 gal./day
  • Type: Bypass


  • Furnace or fan coil dependent dispersal
  • Solenoid valve and water distribution system
  • Large or small capacity models available
  • 100% efficient water usage
  • Treated aluminum or water-saving paper evaporator pad models available
  • Front-facing, easy-access door
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Use with any type of cooling system
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration



  • Capacity 17 gallons per day
  • Sound Nearly silent


  • Dispersal Uses blower from furnace or fan coil 
  • Damper Built-in bypass
  • Evaporator Pad Treated, 100% water-use efficient expanded paper 
  • Compatible controls Evolution® control, Preferred™ Thermidistat™ or separate humidifier control


  • Installation Can be mounted onto units installed in upflow, downflow or horizontal positions
  • Electrical 24V powered by furnace or fan coil


  • Outer casing Taupe color on UV-resistant thermoplastic matches Bryant furnace and fan coils
  • Dimensions 15.5″H x 14″W x 10.25″D (HUMBBWBP)